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Kathleen ("Aunt Nancy") travels, relaxes, and enjoys the good life since retiring from IBM in 1999.

  • Children & Grandchildren
    Son Tim and Leana had Kyle.
    Oldest daughter Cassy had Dustin, Denise, Corey, and Amber.
    Youngest daughter Amy had Lauren.

  • Her Travels and Adventures
    She's been so many places I'm waiting for a detailed list to post here!

    Nancy's Favorites   Nancy's Favorites   Nancy's Favorites
    Favorite Foods: Chinese food: Szechwan Pork; Polish food: Pierogi; French Food: (sauces); Italian: Marsala.... hmmm, almost any food
    Favorite Authors: Braun, McNamara, Grisham
    Favorite Movies: An Affair to Remember, ET, My cousin Vinnie
    Favorite TV Shows: Politically Incorrect, Dennis Miller Show, Larry Sanders Show
    Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream: Decadant Chocolate!!!!

    Sept. 2000 Trip

    We went boating on Lake Shasta.....it was wonderful and I saw my first bear, pretty close up. We stayed out on the water all day. In Bend, Oregon we shopped their little downtown, lots of quaint little shops and then drove to a town called Sisters, named for the mountains (3) nearby that are called the 3 Sisters. This town had the greatest stores and lots of unusual things in them, stuff I have never seen. We drove the Columbia River Gorge that borders Oregon and washington. It is a majestic and awesome sight, and we took a side historical road to see all the waterfalls and the lookouts. Then we drove to the Oregon coast, starting at the northernest most tip, Astoria. It was one of my favorite cities, a little town, actually, built on a hill, a giant bridge connecting it to the Washington coast, lots of charming old Victorians, well-kept. We found a little coastal town called Cannon Beach which is built right on the ocean, you can see the beach from downtown streets if you look up a small hill, one block long. The streets are very touristy, loads of shops, every kind imaginable and lots of places to eat. We stopped in Tillamok, took the tour of the cheese factory....that is about all that is there.... hahahaha. We saw the first frost at Bend, and we saw lots of trees changing colors for fall. My favorite picture, an amazing sunset in Weeds, CA, is still in the camera and I will share later.

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