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Marcia Lynn

The Beverly Hilton - Beverly Hills 2002
Great Hotel ! Check It Out

Marcia & Deven
August 2003

Marcia & Warren
August 2003

Bill, Marcia, Sal
August 2003

Marcia working
Home office 2002

Aunt Nance & Marcia
San Jose 2002

Chris Marcia Nat
Wine Country 2002

Marcia & Nelson
Reno 2002

Marcia Rick Sal Grant
Las Vegas 2003

Marcia & Dean
Beverly Hills 2002

Marcia is a programmer, web developer, and Internet marketing specialist.

Marcia's Favorites   Marcia's Favorites   Marcia's Favorites
Favorite Foods: Chicken & Broccoli; Almost any fresh fruit; Salad heaped with TONS of fresh grated carrots
Favorite Authors: Fiction: Peter David (Star Trek books); Non-Fiction: Faith Popcorn
Favorite Movies: The Matrix, Terminator 1 & 2, Romey & Michelle's High School Reunion, Timecop
Favorite TV Show: Star Trek Next Gen (why'd they take it off?)
Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream: Although not big on sweets, when she does eat ice cream, it must be Chocolate!

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